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JEW'S HARP, or Jew's Trump (Fr. The Ainu often combine their Jew's harp music with dancing and singing. The ”Harvest Festival Song” on the present CD is played by Shigiko Teshi, Emiko Isojima, Midori Toko, Saki Toyama, and Eiko Yamamoto. are added in the Music section. You can find there the album of Pyotr Ogotoyev "Play, my khomus" (16 tracks), jew's harp music collection of Valeriy Eroshev (35 tracks), the album "Vargan" of Robert Zagretdinov (29 tracks), and some other tracks.
In addition to the deeply-sampled instruments, World Suite includes a massive selection of authentically performed loops and phrases, browsable by region or instrument type, ready to be arranged, chopped or reshaped into new forms of your own design. Thousands of loops are included, making World Suite a fantastic resource for songwriters, composers, sound designers and beat makers alike. Looking to add some authentic instrumentation to your production? Extra flavors to your score? Or even build entire songs with regionally-correct performances? Look no further.
Ayarkhaan is a group of specialists in the art of the playing the khomus, a metal instrument that fits in the mouth and functions like a Jew's harp; it is regarded as the national instrument of the Sakha. However, the khomus is different in several respects; while a conventional Jew's harp is quiet, limited in range, and in the amount of control even a good player can muster over the pitch, the khomus is loud, strikingly expansive in range, and Ayarkhaan can get sounds out of it ranging over about three octaves. The group is also able to harmonize it in a sense that's chorally conceived yet almost electronic sounding in effect.
It expresses a theme of the film, which is the movement of people. This sort of movement has been going on since the beginning of the human race — and the music of the jew's-harp, an ancient instrument, is meant to reflect that. Then people began to stay in one place and accumulate possessions, which they had to protect.
And thanks especially for raising the issue of jews harps. I am not aware of any real study of jews harps in Scotland or Ireland, which would shed light on this. I have a jews harp and have experimented with playing cel mr on it, but I should think more about these issues. I'm also interested in the relationships between pipes, jews harp and trumpet.
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