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For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for Jew's harp. On Bow-shaped Jew's Harps the effect works if the reed is pushed gently at the basis by the thumb of the hand holding the frame to shift it a little. In this way the Jew's Harp works just like a harmonica. In sound sample 9 the tone G is heard, first played on an accordion, than on the Jew's Harp stimulated by breathing in, and finally plucked on the Jew's Harp.
For those interested in a reasonable quality, affordable instrument, I'd recommend a Paval Potkin khomus. For a reliably loud sound, the Glazyrin vargans are good quality if you can get your hands on one. If you need a professional tuned harp you're better off seeking out a master.
There is an exception. The type of frame material should not be made out of wood. It cannot provide the necessary accuracy and stability of the structure. To put it simply, harp should be made out of metal, and it does not really matter which metal it is.
The lamella (mostly single, sometimes double) is designed in a oblong V-shape. It is carved or frased out in the metal, with тne little, very important detail: nтt going through the total layer of the brass so that it will be open. It seems to be scoured at the other side of the Jew's harp, easy and slow, till the very moment the complete lamella comes idioglot free of its frame. Well-rolled brass will show you a long sustaining oscillating lamella, that doesn't hit the frame. The glottises are microscopic narrow openings.
This chapter presents some background knowledge: It starts with tone generation and the specific scale of each jew's harp, dependant on the tuning of the reed - the natural harmonic row. The sound of playing is formed in the mouth and throat. These are the resonating cavities also forming the sounds of speech.
jaw harp or jew's harp
how to make a jew's harp
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